Five Good Things January

Five Good Things – January

In 2017, I want to try something different with my blog. While I mostly write about my travel experiences and London life, I think it’s time we got a little personal.

Day Out Canterbury

A Day Out in Canterbury

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know that, from time to time, it has so happened that I woke up on Saturdays with a craving to just get out of London,...

Talli Joe London

Talli Joe – Indian Tapas in London

I had never been a big fan of Indian food scene in London. And then Dishoom changed my mind. Read here how. And then arrived Talli Joe! A fairly-new kid on the block, Talli Joe...

Travel Inspiration for 2017

Travel Inspiration for 2017

2016 is about to end! Is it just me or the year simply flew by? Before I even knew it was Christmas and New Year time already. London’s been looking as festive as it can...

Skincare routine that works

The Skincare Routine that Works

Last year I had quite a lot of troubles with my skin. I was stressed and it all showed on my face. Acne that left marks, followed by more acne! As a teenager, I never...

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