Brilliant Pinterest Tips for Personal Style

Brilliant Pinterest Tips for Personal Style

Today I share with you some brilliant Pinterest tips for personal style, to help you find and improve yours, and to make shopping a bit easier for you. If you feel stuck or lost when it comes to shopping and styling, or if you just want to know a different take on online shopping then continue reading.

Now I am not claiming to be a style expert. This is just my personal experience. When I look back at my pictures from 3 years ago, I can tell that my personal sense of style has greatly changed today. I have been experimenting a little bit with my looks and the ways I shop. When it comes to what I wear and how I look, I am at a very happy place now. While I am aware of the trends, I buy and wear only what suits me and what I feel comfortable in.

Pinterest tips for Personal Style

In this post, I will share some of my tips for shopping and how to use Pinterest to make these tips work for you.

Identify the gaps in your wardrobe

I tend not to buy clothes randomly any more. Of course, occasionally I break this rule because spontaneity is a thing 😉 It’s a good idea to be aware of what you already have in your wardrobe and try to mix and match to create multiple outfits. This helps to find out the items missing from your current collection that are needed to fill in the gaps. This holds true whether you are trying to update your wardrobe with seasonal changes or if you are shopping for an occasion. Also, you may need styling inspiration for something that you already own, e.g. styling a pleated skirt.

Once you have identified these gaps, head to your Pinterest account and create individual boards specific to those items.

So, what are these Pinterest Boards?

Boards are areas in Pinterest where you can save images. You can create multiple boards on Pinterest based on any topic you’d like. You can also set their visibility to private or public. Another great option is that you can add collaborators who can contribute by pinning images or editing existing pins to your board. Think of people whose opinion you trust when it comes to shopping and styling!

Where do you get images to pin from?

Firstly, you can search in Pinterest with appropriate keywords specific to your needs. Once you have the results, you can scroll through what you like and pin it to your board. This is a great way to get inspiration to create outfit looks that appeal to you the most. However, you still would have to shop around to buy similar looking things.

Here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest board for ideas on “How to Style a Classic White Shirt”. As you can see, I have added a small description in each pin. Check out the entire board HERE.

Pinterest tips for Personal Style

How to Style a Classic White Shirt

When it comes to shopping online, it is possible to save items to wish list on the website which is very handy for things to buy from that retailer. However, I find Pinterest boards useful because I can save images from different retailers on to one board making it easy to compare them before buying. This makes online shopping super easy for me. You will need the Pin It extension for your Browser. Find the instructions HERE.

A very important factor to consider while pinning images is to concentrate on the clothes and accessories, and not the overall styling of the image.

Also, edit the pins with details such as retailer name, price, etc. as well as what you specifically liked about it. For example, here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest board for my shopping shortlist for a “Summer Getaway Style”. Check out the entire board HERE. As you can see, I have shortlisted items in certain categories, put them all in one place and now I can easily decide which ones I want to actually purchase.

Pinterest tips for Personal Style

Shopping wishlist for a Summer Getaway

What else can you do

Follow other Pinterest users whose style you admire or whose boards inspire you.

Pinterest is a fantastic source of ideas and inspiration for pretty much anything you may be looking for. So, it makes sense to use it for getting ideas for filling in the gaps when it comes to your style and for improving your shopping experience.

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Did you find my Pinterest tips for personal style helpful? Do you have any other tips that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Ameeta xx